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MTG - Arena Starter Kit 2021


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MTG Arena Starter Kit 2021 Decks

There are two 60-card decks in the box. They are Standard legal, and ready to play – right out of the box. Since this product is aimed towards beginners, these aren’t too complicated, but still have lots of stuff that makes Magic interesting.

For example, each decks contain five rares. This means you’ll get a total of ten rares. All of them are quite exciting to play with.

Naturally, they will be well-balanced against each other, as Wizards pay special attention to this whenever they release a pair of decks together. As we’ve mentioned before, the MTG Arena Starter Kit 2021 decklists weren’t released yet. However, we can already make some predictions, based on the rares, which we know are in the decks.


2 60-card preconstructed decks, including a foil card each
2 First game walk-through cards
1 Play Guide booklet
2 deck boxes
1 MTG Arena code card (unlocks both decks for 2 players)