Kotobukiya : Captain America Artfx Premier Statue - Kotobukiya - The Little Things
Kotobukiya : Captain America Artfx Premier Statue - Kotobukiya - The Little Things

Kotobukiya : Captain America Artfx Premier Statue


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The craftsmanship in this piece continues from the sculpting to the painting. Unlike other pieces which follow the pattern of a simple base coat with shading. ARTFX Premier re-evaluates the standards for figure painting. Each individual piece of the statue is layered with several types of paint, giving the finished product an unprecedented sense of beauty and depth.

Recreated in the compact space of 3.5 centimeters (just under 1.5 inches), the detail in Captain America’s face can be enjoyed from a variety of angles. When viewed from straight on, the statue’s serious expression captures the hero’s decisiveness as a sharp and discerning leader. Viewed from a lower angle, the sculpting and shading of Steve Rogers’ face captures the hero’s rugged good looks. Regardless of the angle, the statue’s face is expertly painted with photographic realism, giving the expression an extremely lifelike appearance.

Captain America’s boots, suit, and Vibranium shield are all expertly crafted to give a sense of different materials, as is evident from the seams on his costume to the leather detailing on his belt, utility belt, and boots. This high level of detail is attainable thanks to injection molding techniques, resulting in an eye-catching statue that will never bore you to look at.

The statue comes in sophisticated packaging overflowing with elegant details, including a marble inspired motif as well as an original illustration based on the figure. Additionally, these limited edition statues will come with a certificate with the collector number printed in gold, certifying each piece as a one-of-a-kind original.

A truly refined piece from the inside-out this bold rendition of Captain America is sure to make your collection shine.


Beyond Realistic

ARTFX Premier is a high-quality statue line that challenges the limits of product development by capturing characters in the highest possible level of detail.

The statues in this line are limited to a select number of pieces worldwide, and each one comes with its own unique collector number.