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DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAME Special Anniversary Box 2021


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The Dragon Ball Super Card Game, primarily available in Europe and North America, has reached its 4th anniversary! To celebrate, a special anniversary set called the "Dragon Ball Super Card Game Special Anniversary Box 2021" is being released in early September!

There are four different card storage boxes available with brand-new designs, such as Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, the Evil Shinrons, and more!
The set will bolster your collection with a total of 96 cards, including an anniversary pack featuring popular cards with a new look! Plus, you'll also randomly receive one of four sets of card sleeves featuring unmissable designs like "4th Anniversary Goku" and player-favorite cards from past sets!
  • 96 cards total!!
  • 1) Special Anniversary Set 2021
    (35 new cards x2 = 70 cards total)

  • 2) Special Anniversary Pack 2021 x2
    (5 card pack x2 = 10 cards in total)
    [Random new foil cards from above 35 new card types + 1 new Leader]

  • 3) Vault Power Up Pack 2021 x4
    (4 cards per pack x4 packs = 16 cards in total)
    [3 normal + 1 foil card from 20 Alternate Art card types]

  • 4) Set of sleeves (66 pcs) x1
    (4 design types)

  • 5) Storage Box x1
    (4 design types)